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Tortuga Owners:


I had previously told you that you could return your Comcast equipment to any UPS Store for no charge. That is true. I also said that the closest is on Beach Rd. near the Village. That is not true. The UPS Store on Beach Rd. has been closed since late November. Also note that Pack’n’Save stores, like the one near Davidson’s drug store down the road, are not authorized by Comcast to ship this equipment free of charge.


There are three other UPS Stores relatively close to us. One is on 8388 S. Tamiami Trail (US 41) just south of Beneva/Vamo Rd  in the Pelican Plaza on the right as you head south (look for Total Wine). Another is at 5020 Clark Rd in the Northridge Plaza. There is a Publix in the same plaza. You can’t see the plaza from Clark, but the driveway is two hundred feet west of the light at Honore, immediately before Norman’s Liquor store. The third one is in Paradise Plaza at the northwest corner of Bee Ridge Rd and Us 41.


Your other alternative is the Comcast (Xfinity) Store. The only one locally is at 5231 University Parkway, in the plaza on the north west corner of University Parkway and Honore. Kohls has a store there.


Please remember that our Comcast contract ends on December 31st, when we expect all Comcast services will be turned off. You can set an appointment with Frontier by calling 844-660-0648. (They are now several weeks out for appointments.) Someone 18 or older must be present. Also, if you plan on keeping your Comcast phone number, it takes at least 5 days for Comcast to release the number. You will also need to supply your Comcast account number at the time you place your order with Frontier. 


So far perhaps a dozen units have had the new FiOS equipment installed with good results. As good as the picture quality is on the TV, people are more impressed with the speed of the internet, and many are happy to have WiFi in their own units…



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