Social Committee Information and Minutes

Members - Jan Simonson, Irveen Powley, Carolyn Domm, Paula Krambeer, Lynne Miller, Dar Stumpf, Lucia Stephenson


January 28th, 2020


We reviewed  each event on the schedule January 7th to April 17th and projected a budget against each event 

Coffees and 50/50 are projected at $50 each for a total $200 for the season

Jan 7 Meet and Greet $0

Jan 24 Ladies Luncheon $0

Feb 14 Valentine’s Meet and Greet $25 for decorations 
Feb 28 Beach Party $350 for Steel Drum plus $300 for sandwiches 

(It was decided that $5 per person will be charged to defray costs )

Mar 10 Ladies Salad Luncheon $25 for door prize (flowers) and juice

Mar 13 Meet and Greet and Bingo $0

Mar 21 Pool Party Potluck $600 ($500 Doo wop Denny plus $100 for miscellaneous e.g. beach balloons to float in pool, candles, paper plates etc.)

Apr 3 Pasta Night with Chef Chris $400 to assist Chris in defraying cost of food*

Apr 12 Easter Potluck $100 for ham and slab cake


* Depending how are finances go, we may also consider charging a minimal amt for this event.


In summary for Jan thru April season projected budget

Total Coffee 50/50 — $200

Total Entertainment — $850

Total Food—-$825

Projected Total — $1,875


Balance remaining from $2000 received from Board—-$125

Projected Income from $5 surcharge for Beach sandwiches —$175

Projected Income from 50/50 Draw — $250 (we have $173 as of Feb 4th)


Total projected balance to cover all other expenditures $550


Please note these are only our best estimates and there was discussion about asking board to increase our stipend to $2500 in 2021 given the increased numbers that are attending these Tortuga events as well as the Committee’s grant has not been raised in several years.



Valentines Meet and Greet

Paula to work with Ayleen and ensure signage for Valentine Meet and Greet is posted

Lynn and Carolyn well meet in Social Room @ 2:00 pm on Feb 14th to decorate

Lucia to purchase large heart shaped balloon

Entire Committee to meet in Social Room @ 4:30 for final set up


February 28th Beach Party

Dar will work with Ayleen to post signage PLUS Signup sheets (Signage should note in case of rain, event will be held in Social Room)

Dar to follow up with Steel Drum Entertainer

Carolyn to confirm sandwich cost and order

Lucia to bring blue mini cooler for napkins

Lynn to follow up with Ian to ensure long folding tables and plastic chairs (according to how many have signed up ) are on the pavers behind Building C nearest to the Beach

All and however many men we can gather will meet in this area at 3:30 pm to setup

All— we need four beach umbrellas for decoration 

We will use leis and other decorations we have on hand to decorate the tables


Mar 3 Coffee and 50/50

Dar to take responsibility for food and to work with Ayleen re signage

All meet at 8:30 to help with set up


March 10 Ladies Salad Luncheon

Lynn will work with Ayleen to post signage PLUS signup sheets

Lucia will buy Flowers and juice

All will meet in Social Room at 10:30 am to set up


Mar 13th Meet and Greet and Bingo — now a St Patrick’s themed event

Lucia to work with Ayleen to post signage

All to meet in Social Room at 4:00 pm to decorate and set up


Mar 21 Pool Potluck— need to come up with a snazzier name

Carolyn to work with Ayleen and post signage and Signup Sheets

(Should also include a notice to post in pool area that the pool area will be in use as if 2:00 pm on March 21st with apologies for any inconvenience)

Lynn to follow up with Doo Wop Denny

All plus lots of men to meet at 2:00 in pool area for set up 

(It was decided that we would use the stainless cutlery and have a basin with soapy water to deposit dirty cutlery after use.)

Lucia to buy beach balloons to float in pool if available from the Dollar Store as well as AA batteries for twinkle lights


Apr 3 Pasta Night with our very Own Chef Chris

Paula to work with Ayleen to post signage and signup sheets

Lucia to follow up with Chris re his needs

All meet at 4:00 to decorate room


Apr 7 Coffee 50/50

Paula to work with Ayleen to post signage as well as food

All meet at 8:30 to setup


Apr 12 Easter and Apr 17 Meet and Greet

To be discussed at our March Meeting.


Stay tuned for a date for this meeting.

Rooftop Party