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Available for rent directly through individual owners listed below

Please note that Tortuga rules prohibit rentals of less than one month or more than three times per year.

One bedroom units

202A   Dave  905-683-1444; 941-349-2860

302C   Andrew 647-621-5957

402A   Tracy 941-650-4988

Two bedroom units

200A  Howard    248-981-1702


104B  Melissa     918-683-3931


104C  John          352-672-0020

          or Li           352-246-5822

105B  Gerry         240-535-7882


204B  Alex           716-574-5710

105C  Angelina   440-251-0445

106C  Dennis       321-626-5351

     or  Paula         321-626-2627

206C  Lana          941-321-5882

304C  Ted            941-539-4269

306C  Rebecca    614-451-7599

404C  Stephanie 407-617-1109

Tortuga Club, Inc. provides this list as a courtesy for, and at the request of the owners here listed. Each owner is individually responsible for the information contained therein. Tortuga Club, Inc. does not have a rental service nor does it provide any service associated with any rental. Updated 6/4/21

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